Who we are

Enter a world of unparalleled creativity and style - welcome to Abhi's World!

I'm Abhi, your host, and this is my lovely shop.

Prepare to explore a fantasy universe filled with deliciously twisted fantasies, enchanting reveries, stylish and enigmatic vampires, and sharp-toothed killer rabbits.

And, for the music lovers among you, a series of articles that will hit the mark, whether you are lulled by the sensual rhythms of jazz or disheveled by the thunderous power of metal.

But that is not all! All the t-shirts in my collection are carefully crafted, offering an unsurpassed level of comfort. They are not only fabulous to wear, but also eco-friendly, turning every purchase into a declaration of love for the planet. Am I exaggerating? Sure, but everything in Abhi's World is over the top and excessive. Almost everything.

At Abhi's World, your satisfaction is our top priority. Send us an email and we will respond with lightning speed. We are here to make your shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.

Our designs are totally original and charming, but man doesn't live by T-Shirts alone: ​​explore our selection of sweatshirts, mugs and digital art that can complement your unique style and individuality.

So, my dear customers, immerse yourself in my world of happy nightmares and prepare to embark on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. See you on the other side, where fashion meets fantasy!